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Valves fot LNG

We, Miyairi Valve Mfg. Co., Ltd., began with manufacturing valves for the first domestic LNG Tank Lorry and have developed to offer variety and reliable products for plant piping.
The products developed through years of experiences and many achievements could, we beleive, not only offer the SAFETY but also meet various needs, such as retention of high airtightness.

Valves for LNG Lorry

・Safety Valve ・Level Gauge Valve ・Extension Bonnet Angle Valve

Regulator for LNG Facility

・Economizer ・Build-up Regulator

Feature of Products

●Self-seal Gland Structure

A spring is installed at the gland packing, so that retightening is not required, and it maintains constant surface pressure of the packing seal. In addition, the leak-proof system ensures higher safety.

●Integral Casting Extension Bonnet

Integral casting bonnet suffers no leakage from the crack of weld and enjoys high airtightness and durability.

●Separated Spindle

The spindle is divided in 2 parts: a screw rotating part and a linear motion part. Gland packing arrangement on the linear motion part enables lesser frictional wear of packing.

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