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Bulk Storage Tank

As a result of an amendment of the "Law concerning the Security of Safety and Rationalization of Transactions of Liquefied Petroleum Gas"(Liquefied Petroleum Gas Law) enforced in April, 1997, various restrictionswere relaxed toward the spread of bulk storage tanks such as
① Extension of the inspection period for bulk storage tanks not exceeding 3 tons (from 5 years into 20 years)
② Great reduction of the safe distance for bulk storage tanks not exceeding 1 ton, etc.
Consequently, bulk supply systems were practically started in addition to LP gas supply through replacement of conventional containers in our country.
Miyairi Valve Mfg. Co., Ltd. is developing products on enormous data collected by actual investigation of operating environments and largescale tests with real liquid and experimental equipment. These attachment product groups for bulk storage tanks designed and manufactured on abundant experiences as an expert of LP gas related devices are highly evaluated as high-level products with high reliability and operability and excellent cost performance in the LP gas related fields.
※In the description, "bulk storage tanks" include "bulk containers".

Bulk Storage Tank 1t

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